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sonic the hedgehog is SEGA prime mascot and rival to mario nintendos mascot. he is a blue hedgehog with red sneakers. he has been featured through dozens of media attempts.

HISTORY: originaly sega's prime mascot at the time was alex kidd. but after that sells weren't doing as well as nintendo's prime mascot mario. sega decided to try a new attempt, disign a new caracter to compete with nintendo's mario. yuji naka the former president of sega wanted a better caracter idea. many ideas where unique and strange (ex. armidillo,bear,rabbit.) but one idea stood out of the rest, a blue hedgehog named "mr.needle mouse" created by naoto oshima. sega decided to use this idea insted of the rest. at the same time SEGA of america got the news from japan and decided to soften him up. they changed his look to make it more sellable in the U.S.A. sonic has been featured on products off sega marketing or games from soup cans to animated T.V. series even in several comics series and including a japan/american movie. sonic has also been in millions of sega games almost over 20 years!

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